Cartoon lightbulb character. He has three eyes. The third eye is being pulled into some sort of psychedelic vortex.

Take your brain to another dimension

... and break convention.

Ideas On Acid
is a card deck that helps you access hidden levels of creativity you never knew you had. It's perfect for creatives, strategists, designers, marketers, writers, and entrepreneurs.

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Ideas On Acid cards floating on a solid background

50 powerful creative thinking practices

Ideas power everything.

To have interesting ideas, you need to:

  • Shift your conscious state
  • Find fresh ways of looking at the world 
  • Imaginatively connect and combine existing ideas 

Ideas On Acid helps you do all of this and more.

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Cartoon octopus with three sketches in front of him

Never feel creatively stuck again

With cards to re-tune your imagination, cards to research people and problems, and cards to rapidly generate ideas, you'll always be ready for any creative challenge.

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