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Ideas On Acid

Ideas On Acid

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Ideas On Acid is the essential new tool for adventurous creative minds. 

There are cards to help you be a more imaginative thinker, cards to help you connect with your subconscious, and cards to guide you to bigger, bolder, weirder ideas.

It's the best way to break on through to the other side without actually dropping a tab of the serious stuff. 

What's in the tin?

  • 53 cards printed on luxuriant 400gsm full-colour, matte-finish card stock
  • 50 mind-expanding activities to help you generate non-obvious ideas and make progress on your creative projects 
  • 3 cards to help you navigate the deck and get the most out of Ideas On Acid

Is there a digital version? 

Yes, your order includes the digital files. You'll get an email with access soon when they've been through final edits and quality checks. 

Why do I need this thing? 

  • Access hidden levels of creativity you didn’t know you had
  • Stop wasting your life working on mediocre ideas
  • Understand people and problems more deeply
  • Never feel creatively stuck again

When can I have it? 

I'm expecting to start shipping the physical product in January 2025. You'll receive  the digital version of the deck before the end of 2024. If the timeline changes, you'll get an email explaining what's going on.  

Can I read some imaginary 1-star reviews? 

Sure! Here's what some hallucinated haters are saying...

"I just wanted to have better ideas without changing anything about how I think or feel. Instead, I'm stuck with this hippy nonsense."

Joliver Smallpox, Accountant

"I find Ideas On Acid to be a dangerous influence on young minds. Encouraging students to think outside the box is one thing, but this deck goes too far."

Zanussi Cumberbatch, Headmaster

"So overhyped. It's just simple prompts and silly little exercises. And clients don't even want great ideas anyway."

Shawn Shawnson, Jaded Creative Director

"Ideas On Acid promotes a reckless disregard for best practices. It's weird, frankly! Not for me."

Barbara Arborer, Process Consultant

"Literally no content about spoons at all. Extremely disappointing."

Yancy Robertson-Trunk, Head of Spoons 

"One of their ads said "f*ck logic, make magic". I found that deeply offensive." 

Flemini Cambridge, Data Analyst

"Ideas On Acid moves us one step closer to anarchy. The obsession with creativity over good old-fashioned common sense. The lack of respect for authority. This deck is a threat to our most treasured traditions."

Brosnan Triumph, Political Firebrand 


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